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Sawmill Fire

     The ‘sawmill’ fire which was started on April 23, 2017 by a ‘target shooter’ firing at “explosive targets” Sunday on state land has consumed more than 40,000 acres to date. Sources close to the media and fire officials report that the incident was caused by an ‘Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent’. Reference the following article:

     We are continuing to follow this closely and will post additional information as it becomes available. The link below covers the most recent information.

Updated: 04/29/2017

Sawmill Fire Update: Reports indicate the fire is 60% contained…/sawmill-fire-61-perce…/307876001/

Update: 04/30/2017

As of 1700 hrs., the Sawmill Fire is being reported at 89% contained.

To date one week ago, more than 800 fire crews & hotshots have been called in. An estimated 5.6 Million to combat the fire of more than 46000 acres is finally dying down. See update link below for further information.