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What is Information & Network Security?

Information Security relates to the protection of valuable information assets against loss, misuse, disclosure or damage. Valuable assets are the information recorded on, processed by, stored in, shared by, transmitted or retrieved from an electronic medium. The information must be protected against harm from threats leading to different types of vulnerabilities such as loss, inaccessibility, alteration or wrongful disclosure.

Information & Network Security objective is to ensure the organization’s ability to grow and fulfill its mission in the face of a changing risk environment, as well to protect the interests of those relying on organization’s information. Security is a strong enabler of corporate strategy. It is a business requirement to ensure systems security and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Effectively and efficiently secured information & networks will satisfy the business requirement to safeguard information against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss. Superior security is a competitive advantage, while poor security will create liabilities. Information security is a constant challenge. For NCISS, Information & Network Security is a continuing process comprised of specific steps, each of which being necessary and requiring extensive knowledge and expertise.

ISO/IEC 27000

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