NCISS Tribute

     The Administration would like to formally dedicate this site to Honor a very special woman. It is with her Love, Devotion & Dedication that I have found that which had been taken not only from me, but her as well.

     More than 30 years ago, I met a young girl who was full of life and had the greatest soul I had ever encountered. Our time together was magic, wherein time had no bearing. Playing together as children would form a bond that would forever change our lives.

     In the year 2000, I retired from the Department of Defense with fifteen years of service. In January of 2009; after nine years of bantering with the veterans administration, seeing a slew of doctors; specialists and a battery of testing, it was determined that not only did I suffer from PTSD, but a whole series of health problems to include a misdiagnosed disease that was later identified as a variation of Alzheimer’s.

     Last year, in 2011; I received a communication via Facebook, (a social medium) requesting friendship. With my memory all but lost to this disease; I had no idea who she was and could not identify her by pictures. After considering her request for friendship, yet uncertain what was to come, I wisely opted to contact her and find out who she was along with how she knew me.

     I was taken by complete surprise when this lovely woman produced a photo of me that had been taken when I was but fourteen years of age at her home. Chronologically, during a series of events; this wonderful woman had in fact been my childhood playmate and my first beloved.

     In the forthcoming years, her parents had conspired with my own mother for reasons unbeknownst to us and vanished off the face of the earth. During my recent conversations with my first love, starting back from last year (2011) until August 2012, stories would be revealed showing the true nature of Humanity and just how contemptuous society can be.

     In August 2012, after 30+ long years; I was reunited with my (First love). Even after sitting down with her to explain that my health has been almost completely compromised, she affirmed that not only did she never stop loving me, but she had been searching for me all those years; and the fact that my health is collapsing does not change her devotion or love for me.

     Today, my beloved & I have renewed our ties with a commitment to each other with one of the most important life events to take place in the near coming future. Our future together has been blessed as we look forward to our union in marriage. This dedication is to & for my beloved Fiancee’; Ronda Miller.

                  ‘Two Hearts United Together Forever As One’

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